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When bands have to supply the patrons...

Scarlett's Gone Sonic is still, by all means, a new band. We don't feel exactly "new" because we have been around the block a few times. Shows have been coming in regularly and we are all in a pretty good place. What is always a concern though, is how many people are going to be in attendance at a gig. Even though we play gigs and have good responses from people seeing us, we are not well known enough to have people come out of the woodwork to see us. Our constant thought is in regard to how we are going to attract a larger following, with the only answer being play, play, play! Get out there and keep showing people what we got! Sometimes we think, why should it be the band's responsibility to bring customers to establishments? If the establishments are popular enough won't they draw people anyhow because they want to hang there? Well, not always. There are so many factors that go into drawing a crowd. What day is the gig on? Does the date conflict with holidays or other large events? What time is the gig? What is the weather like outside? So, a gig on a Monday night starting at 9 PM five days before Christmas with a blizzard happening is not good for drawing patrons. Aside from that, band competition does exist and there is a pecking order for sure. A fellow musician and friend of the band said that musicians are creative and use their "right brain" for what they want to share. Unfortunately, there is a ton of "left brain" things that have to be dealt with that sort of fights that creativity. Part of that is trying to draw a crowd. Nonetheless, it is dealt with. It gets tough when a band has to continually request that family and friends stop out, gig after gig. Many people don't have the time for that and SGS understands it and does not apply that kind of pressure. Even so, we still manage to draw people... some who are regulars. That brings a smile to our faces every time, and the appreciation is strong. We will leave you with that because there is more work to be done. More gigs coming up.

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