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Scarlett's Gone Sonic: Electrifyingly Acoustic!

It all started when we were preparing for a private home who hired us for a small, backyard gathering in Buffalo, NY. The hosts of the party made it clear that they wanted us for background music so socialization could still take place. Being a rather loud, raucous band, we started pondering the idea of playing our songs acoustically. We had no idea how it would work out, but quickly realized we had stumbled upon something great... song after song that we predicted failure for, succeeded, and we were on our way to opening a new door for SGS! The benefits were many and included being able to effectively hear one another, hearing our own vocals clearly, not hauling large, heavy amplifiers, bringing one Djembe instead of an entire kit, prolonging the life of our eardrums and those of the crowd, and just being able to enjoy a new kind of "chill" mode. All of this and not compromising the songs we play, but rather expressing them in a different way. The band feels as though we have acquired a new twist to bring to the table of prospective hirers; one that now lets us tailor our music to a specific setting and be more accommodating. Make no mistake, we are still Scarlett's Gone Sonic, but the "Sonic" part is now much more versatile! As always, looking forward to seeing all of you... electrically or acoustically! SGS

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