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Landing gigs and looking forward to more!

Wow! Now that restrictions are progressively being lifted, we've been reached out to from various venues and have been booked! Obviously, it is something we've waited for, for quite some time. For a while we were suggesting changing our name to "Scarlett's Gone Silent" or Scarlett's Going Stir-Crazy". Beyond the band though, all of us have felt badly for all of the owners of Western New York establishments who have endured a rough ride through COVID times. We've always been on the side of these places and give kudos to those who dealt with it and persevered. Much respect and admiration from us. Scarlett can't wait to be deemed a partnership with many venues... working well together to the benefit of both. Thank you to all who have given us the opportunity to perform. Every booked gig will always be tremendously appreciated by us! Check our "Live Dates" page to see where we are playing and we hope to see you there! :

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