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Finding your niche as a band!

When Scarlett's Gone Sonic first assembled, the premise was to be a 90s band. That still mainly holds true to this day, however, a lot of thinking goes into what is presented at a show. Learning songs has always been fairly easy for us, but it is often wondered who our audience really is. We didn't set out to be a classic rock band, but how is that even defined these days? Many of the songs of the nineties can be considered classic rock at this point, and we don't make that rule... it is what it is. We often discuss how we should throw in different genres to convey our versatility; to at least try to reach out to a diverse crowd by "mixing it up" a bit. Each member of the band has a wide interest in musical artists which is a benefit. Aside from 90s, we also play some modern, danceable tunes, throw in a Zeppelin song that is not covered very often to our knowledge, and even ponder the idea of doing a metal song. We all agree we should spread our wings, not stagnate. Be open-minded as opposed to a one-track mentality. The thought is exciting to us... it keeps things fresh and makes us look forward to playing music for you. Stay well, and until we meet....

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